Monday, June 2, 2014

Blog 6

1. In this activity I used my own unique ideas by using the second layer of the cardboard as the background of the piece. This did a good job of showing certain areas of the horse, like the jawline and how the neck is three dimensional. I think that cutting away the background, eye, and nose worked well. I think that since the horse's mane and skin would have been primarily one color in real life, leaving them not cut out was a good idea. I did get inspiration for this piece, from the dark horse brand of clothing and frisbees, which are made by Brodie Smith.
2. For this art, I relearned how to make pinch pots, which I had originally learned in elementary school. I also learned that you can put two pinch pots together to make a sphere. I gained a lot of skill with clay in this activity, because I had to make the 8-ball spherical, without making a hole to the center. I also had to make the transition from one pinch pot to the next seem more smooth, so it actually looked like an 8-ball. 
7. During this project, I had to analyze my piece many times, and it largely improved my artwork. When I was making this piece, I had a particular vision, and I wanted the artwork to be very similar to that. Before I fired the clay piece, I stepped back multiple times to make sure it looked good from all angles, and I fixed a lot of things. After I fired it, I painted the bottom area a certain color, but after stepping back and analyzing my artwork, I decided I was not satisfied. The next day I made a new color, and used it to paint the bottom half, so it looked much better.

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