Monday, February 17, 2014

Batman Zen Tangle

1. I used my own unique ideas in my work in many ways. In my drawing, i had the batman symbol flying over Gotham, and drew buildings below them. I also filled the symbol with many different patterns and shapes. When drawing the patterns, I included eyes, which are usually not included in the Batman symbol. I wanted to branch out from the usual Batman symbol, so I added eyes. My source of inspiration for this project was the Batman statue in the art room. I needed a shape to zentangle, and when I saw the Batman symbol on his chest, I decided it would be a good shape to zentangle. I then added buildings and eyes, and instead of drawing the symbol on Batman's chest, I drew it over the buildings.
7. When I finished drawing my picture, I asked some people to give me feedback on my drawing. In the picture below it shows all of the feedback I got. This helped me reflect on my drawing, because other people saw things I did not, and were able to tell me how I could improve my drawings in the future.

4. In this project, we were supposed to zentangle an object. After I had finished zentangling, I needed to add a background. I decided to draw a background of Gotham, instead of drawing the symbol on Batman. I also decided to leave the buildings blank. I was not sure if this was the right decision, but in the end, I decided it was the right decision. If I had added more detail to the buildings, it would have taken the focus off of the Batman symbol, which was supposed to be the focus.