Monday, June 2, 2014

Blog 5

2. During this activity, I learned how to make a print. This was a very fun process, but was also very complicated, and easy to mess up. You have to carve the linoleum block, and you could not go back if you made a wrong cut. Then you had to add paint with a roller, and when you put on the paint you had to listen for the orange peel texture. After you had added paint, you had to flip the block over, and massage the back of the block, then massage the paper.

4. During this activity, you had to have 2 colors for each print. After doing the first color for all of my prints, the art looked finished, and I was satisfied with the result. I took a risk and added another color to each one of the prints. In my opinion, the art looked better before I added the second color

5. During this activity, I worked within a group, and took on leadership roles by taking pictures in the group, coming up with ideas for pictures, and finding ways to make the pictures look better than they would have otherwise. While in this group, we all helped each other better understand the concept of perspective, and how it could be sued in our artwork. During this time, he would have ideas, and would use them as inspiration for our artwork.

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