Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Style, Color, and Others

1. For my color project, I used many unique ideas. I wanted to bring attention to the eyes of the figure, so I made his eyes blue, while the rest of his face was gray. I also made the background orange, which is the complementary color of blue, so it made the blue stand out even more. I used The Beatles Revolver album cover as my source of inspiration. The cover shows The Beatles in grayscale, and I used the figure in the lower right hand corner of the picture as my source of inspiration. 

2. When I was making this project, I learned how to use acrylic paint. This was my first time using acrylic paint in a project, so it was interesting using it for the first time. I feel like this new skill was very helpful in my artwork, because it allowed me to use the bristles of the paintbrush to make the hair look more realistic. Using acrylic paint also allowed me to make the bricks in the background look more random, and not be all one color.
8.  In my Abbey Road Pacman picture, I found inspiration from Iain Macmillan, who took the famous Abbey Road album cover photo. When I was making this picture, I used technology. I used photoshop to put pacman and some ghosts where The Beatles would have stood. I did somewhat participate as an art community member, because I showed many people this photo, and posted it on social media.

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