Sunday, March 16, 2014


1. In my art, I used many unique ideas to make my art extremely original. Since the theme of my artwork was space, I decided to use the Dark Side of the Moon album cover for inspiration. This is a popularly know image, so I decided to allude to it in my work. My art shows this symbol, on the dark side of the moon. You can also see the sun and earth in my drawing, which adds a sense of depth to the artwork.

2. In my drawing, I used oil pastels for the first time. This was a new skill for me, and I feel like it was necessary for the final product to look as good as it did. The shading of the dark side of the moon worked very well with the oil pastels, because I was able to layer the grey on until I was satisfied with the color. The oil pastels also made the value of the sun and the earth much more realistic. The vibrancy of the oil pastels also made the Dark Side of the Moon contrast against the darkness of the moon and the darkness of space.

6. When I was drawing the empty space in the picture, I was not sure how I was going to make space look realistic. After I had shaded in about half the page with black, I realized adding stars to the picture would make it look more lifelike. Having already filled half the page with black, I had to find a solution. I realized that there were small areas of white left behind by the oil pastels. These resembled stars, so instead of going back and filling them in, I left them, and it looked very realistic by the end.

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